Lisa D. (chaoticidealism) wrote,
Lisa D.

Q&A Submissions

This is the post for Q&A submissions. Just reply to this post with your question.

--Keep it PG-13, in English, and reasonably readable.
--If you don't want your name mentioned, put that in the post, or just comment anonymously.
--Any topics, but there's no guarantee I'll know the answer!
--I'm not a doctor, a psychologist, a therapist, or a teacher; so if you ask a question about autism, remember that I'm not a professional and can't give medical advice. I can only give my own perspective on things.

Your comments to this post will be screened, so they won't appear anywhere until I actually answer them. Trolls, illegible stuff, double posts, and general nonsense will be trashed.

I'll post Q&A's on Mondays and Fridays if I have a queue of questions waiting and don't have writer's block.

Send 'em in!
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