Lisa D. (chaoticidealism) wrote,
Lisa D.

Not all differences are disabilities; but all disabilities are differences.

Having a disability does change your life--sometimes only a little; sometimes profoundly. Autism is a disability that affects your brain, and that means it affects your personality and identity to a greater degree than many disabilities do.

To me, autism is foundational to who I am. Without it, there'd be nothing but a neurotypical stranger. So I treasure my autism like any other aspect of myself.

Disability is not automatically a negative thing, however self-evidently bad the world seems to think it is. They seem to assume that a disabled person is just like a non-disabled one, only with some impairment; but that's not so. A blind person is not the same thing as a blindfolded seeing person; similarly, the experience of autism for an autistic person is not the same thing as the experience of autism would be for someone used to being NT. To an NT, being autistic seems scary and foreign; but for me, it is my everyday, normal life. If an NT assumes that it must be scary and foreign to me because that's what it seems like to them, then they come to the incorrect conclusion that my life is way worse than theirs. It's not. It's just my life--different but not inferior.

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