Lisa D. (chaoticidealism) wrote,
Lisa D.

Real People

The other day at the county unemployment resource room (they have a lot of job postings you can apply for), I started a conversation with a random stranger. I have a tendency to do this, and then to discuss subjects which have no resemblance to small talk, though lately I have been confining myself to asking if they have cats. I always tell myself I won't do it anymore; but then I always end up doing it anyway. Here's part of the conversation:

Me: "Yeah... my boss fired me. She said I couldn't do the job."
Her: "Why's that?"
Me: "I've got Asperger's. It's like mild autism. I guess nowadays I'd have been a special ed kid."
Her: "That's OK. I like special people just as much as real people."
Me: "I'm real, too."
Her: "Oh, I didn't mean--"
Me: "That's OK. I know what you meant; I'm not offended or anything."

I'd also like to note that I didn't feel nor sound offended (unless she took it that way). It took  me a while to figure out that yes, she hadn't meant to say that I wasn't "real"; but she probably unconsciously felt that way.

Kind of interesting, though. A perfect example of a Freudian slip that has nothing to do with penises!

I wonder if that's common? Do people really think we're not as "real" as other people? And what does "real" mean? Does it mean we're something like animals, or something like robots, or something else altogether?

Do people really put "people" and "disabled people" in completely different categories?
Tags: prejudice
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