Lisa D. (chaoticidealism) wrote,
Lisa D.

Note to Self on the First Day of School

Raise your hand.

Don't fidget.

No, don't twitch either.

Flicking your fingers in front of your face is even more obvious. Stop it; you're distracting the others.

The professor is not your personal knowledge databank; she is teaching an entire class. Stop monopolizing her attention.

One question per lecture.

Okay, one more, but then you really have to shut up and go to her office hours instead.

The professor is supposed to answer other students' questions. Not you. No, not even if you studied this yesterday and found it really fascinating and can't wait to lecture about it.

On that note, you're not supposed to be the one lecturing in the first place. "Asking a question" is not code for "spilling out every fact you know on the subject, tying them all together into a blob of fascinated speculation, and tacking a question on to make it legitimate."

Yes, the guy who wrote the textbook is wrong. No, you don't need to make an argument out of it. This is a science class, not the debate team.

You don't have to blurt out that interesting idea you thought of. You can write it down with this neat little invention we call "pen and paper", and it will stay there for you to think about later. Promise. It won't vanish.

It's generally a bad idea to go off on mental rabbit trails, associate everything to everything else, and suddenly come up with a comment about gender differences during a lecture on split-brain patients. The association may be clear to you, but to anyone not living in your mind, it's way out in left field.

Stop jiggling your leg. The people sharing your table won't be able to write straight.

The "boring" chapters WILL get studied just as much as the "interesting" ones this quarter. No excuses. Your grade depends on it, no matter how much contempt you have for extrinsic rewards.

Sometimes you know more than you think you know. But sometimes, you know a lot less than you think you know. A little humility never hurt anyone.

You'll never learn anything if you think you know everything.

Pick your battles... not everything is important enough to spend time and energy on. So, maybe, if you have to fidget, just find a way not to annoy other people with it.

But even if you're horrible at sitting in class, you can still be good at learning...
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